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ABR Trails Thursday 8 PM

We groomed up all the skate lanes on old ABR this morning and reset about 15 km of classic track. 4 groomers heading out early AM. We received a dusting of snow tonight which will groom in well.

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Boyne Highlands

12 / 09
Boyne Mountain

OPEN - 30 km

TRACKSET - 20 km




New Snow: 0
km of trails open: 30


With more than 35 beautifully-groomed kilometers of cross country delight weaving through the woods and wilds of Boyne Mountain, you'll find plenty of room for exploration. Pack up the kids or rally your friends to sample everything we have to offer - from gentle trails through pine forests to technical terrain designed to test even the most dedicated Nordic skiers. Whatever your preference or your ability level, our trails are ready for your tracks.

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Corsair Ski Trails After a light snowfall, there were some nice skied-in tracks at Silver Valley today. Dan Godwin is grooming the trails tonight and should have them ready at daybreak. (the temperature at 3AM will be zero degrees and Dan will be bundled up and driving an unheated Yamaha Grizzly ATV)

Be sure to purchase a Corsair Trail button to financially support the groomed ski trails!

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Crystal Mountain 0" 10" Our cross-country trails will reopen this Friday! Trails are packed and rolled, but not track set yet. We need about 4 more inches of snow before we can get the groomer out. Our experts recommend rock skis and striding this weekend, as skating lanes are too soft right now. For more information, call the Kinlochen Nordic Center at 888-968-7686 ext. 4000. 12 / 10
Drummond Island Our cross country ski trails are groomed and ready!

Pick up a map at our front desk. Resort Guests enjoy free use of skis and snow shoes.

Rental sets for $25/day. If snow shoeing, please stay off groomed areas, walk on side of ski trails.

Call for information 906-493-1029 - 8a-4p, M-F
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Forbush Corner Trails are holding up good today.

We will be open tomorrow from 10 AM until 3 PM.

12 / 09
Gaylord Area Convention and Tourism Bureau 11 / 11
Hanson Hills Cross Country Trail Report: Unfortunately our trail system has not responded well to the rain and warmer temperatures. All Cross Country Trails are closed and un-skiable at this time.

Just a quick update on our current conditions:
Downhill and Tubing: Snow coverage is looking good as of right now. We do have some standing water at the bottom of the Bunny and Bear Hills. If this water freezes we will be able refresh with snow and groom. We will keep everyone updated as we still plan for Friday Night Operations.

02 / 21
Mackinac Island Challenge yourself, get out and explore Mackinac in the winter!❄️❄️❄️

Nothing to do? Head on over for an overnight stay! - The Cottage Inn of Mackinac


12 / 11
Noquemanon Trail Network Real Grooming Report Forestville: Six inches of new cold dry snow fell yesterday and the Gator is out on the Noque and Animoosh to 17k this morning and setting fresh classic tracks. Then they will go back out on the other trails inside 17k but may run out of time before they all get classic tracks. Yesterday we roll packed all the way to the Dome.

Saux Head: All trails were groomed and track set Friday. Saux Head is groomed as needed but at least once per week.

Fit Strip Trails: The Fit Strip was groomed Wednesday night after the second day of heavy snow. Drew was skiing last night and said it was a winter wonderland. The Fit Strip in Marquette is now open for skiers. Grooming is performed as needed but at least once per week. Skiers should be advised that some people do also walk on the groomed trails so expect some foot prints.

Big Bay Trails: All trails except Ridge Line are groomed and open for classic skiing. Big Bay trails well be groomed as needed but at least once per week. Classic skiing on trails with no skate lanes are way more fun than being on the side of a skate lane. See our website for details on the Big Bay trails.

Snow Bike Trails: Snow bike enthusiast are encouraged to visit the Face Book page dedicated to snow bike trails. Conditions vary from day to day and grooming is not a daily event. Each day bikers will comment on conditions and post pictures.

Way Too Long Grooming Report: Wow, another day of 6”+ snow event. What a great thing. We can use the additional base but the groomer’s (and the report writer’s) dream is to receive about 2” of new snow every day. This embarrassment of riches creates several days of clean up grooming. Skiers will likely find a soft skate track today and it will take several days to set all trail’s classic tracks. Smart skiers pull out their classic skis after a major snow event because of the soft skate lanes.

Classic skiers will appreciate the use of the Gator for classic track grooming because of the firm outside pole plant provided. When at the trail head you may want to study the various pieces of equipment. The Gator is the enclosed side by side unit with four sets of tread tracks. The tracks are placed at the outer edge rather than in the middle as on a snowmobile. I am interested to know if any of today’s classic skiers notice today’s pole plant. Of course, all the trails and pole plants will be soft so today may be a poor day to run such a test. In any case, the pictures sure look good.

Trail Host Volunteers Needed: I expect you have enjoyed the company and service of our trail head hosts over the years. You too can be a host volunteer. It is fun and warm work. You get to play with fire, meet interesting people and perform a valuable service to the community. The ideal volunteer provides services for a 3 hour shift once a week M-F. Our trail head coordinator is JJ Farrington. Please stop and say hi. If you would like to help out, call JJ Farrington for details. 248-242-2723.

For more information on the NTN visit


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Shanty Creek Resorts The Nordic Trails are being tilled and track set today. We are still skiing 100% of SCR's trail system and they are in great shape.

The sun is shining. It's a beautiful day.
03 / 18
Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail We have the first snow of the season and the grooming crew for the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail has been trained. We have only a couple of inches of snow, but it was enough for the groomers to make a run from Glen Arbor to Empire. There isn't enough snow to ski yet, but we are compacting the snow to build a base. Let's hope for more snow soon!

We will be grooming for classic tracks and skate skiing from Glen Arbor to Empire and from Glen Arbor (Crystal View trailhead) to Port Oneida Road again this year. We will also be grooming the Palmer Woods Reserve trails for the Leelanau Conservancy.

Ski conditions will be posted on our web site. We also post to Facebook and send out an e-mail with ski conditions after conditions change or the trail has been freshly groomed. If you are not already on the grooming report list, REPLY to this e-mail and ask to be added.


Visit Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail Winter Page >>>>


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Swedetown Trails Another awesome morning of skiing with fresh grooming. Photo taken on Birch Loop this morning. Great conditions for spring skiing, but get out early before it warms up.


April 17

Grooming in April? Yep. Spring grooming in effect with 15K or more of trails dragged and spiffed up as needed, depending on conditions. We are still seeing skiers out enjoying the trails. Thanks all who are supporting the extended season with cash in the pay pipes. Most years spring thaw ends the ski season. For this nice long snowy winter, grooming will end the weekend of April 28th.


04 / 18
Treetops Resort Closed for the season. Look for Treetops in 2014-15 as we embark on another fantastic Nordic Season. We'll be hosting additional Skiable Feasts in 2015, so stay tuned! 04 / 06
Valley Spur Trail System Beautiful day at the Valley. Received a dusting of snow conditions are very good on the 14th of December.

Come and ski.

12 / 14
Vasa Trail From our new roving reporter, Phil Bert: Skated freshly groomed snow from TR to Rileys Bench and back. Fast with plenty of control. No bare or thin spots.

Didnt look like classic tracks were groomed but they seemed fine the few time I popped in them.

Jack Pine has not been groomed but the classic tracks are evident.

Get out and ski, yall!

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XC Ski Headquarters We have had skiers every day out on the trail network, but with no new natural snow to report since the weekend, the thin base is thinning even more. While there are still some good stretches, overall conditions are marginal at best, with oak leaves intermixed with the packed snow, and the occasional mole hills pushing up some dirt. We were successful at moving the snow gun across the street and making snow last night, but at this point classic rock skis are still recommended on the trails across the street.

The practice area, however, is holding up great! The snow out there is excellent for "A" skis. There are tracks set, too, to practice classic technique. Our local Junior Nordic Ski Team spent almost 2 hours out there practicing yesterday, which goes to show that you really can do some good training on an open field and one hill of good snow. This is also the perfect chance to demo some new skis from our free demo center! Stop in and ask to work with a ski expert to get you all set up.

The Stone Turtle Cafe lunch special is the Classic Hammy Sammy! Honey glazed ham, Swiss cheese, sliced tomato, and stone ground mustard, served hot on a ciabatta bun. Comes with Great Lakes potato chips and a dill pickle spear!

We will post another ski report once conditions change. Remember that we offer ski lessons every day - call 800-832-2663 to schedule. Keep doing your snow dance!!

All the best,

-Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Erin, Matt, Michelle, Crystal, Gill, Becca, Missy, Annie, Mike, Tony and the crew
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